Babbacombe Chequers
Ch Chriscaro Charlock
 at Merrythorpe
Potterdale Maestro
at Mybeards
Ch Potterdale Philosopher
Ch Tamevalley
Easter Song at Potterdale
Ch Chriscaro Chianti Ch Orora`s Frank
Lincalder Wild Thyme
at Chriscaro
Goodnight Girl
Moonhill Knight of
 the Stars
Ch Scapafield Starry
 Knight at Sunnyvale
Ch Moonhill`s
Coming Up Roses
Ch Gildenmede Ghiselle Ch Potterdale Philosopher
Binbusy Dillettante
 of Gildenmade
Ch.Bonny and Clyde`s Diadem Durcy CH Charncroft Caleb Charncroft Cloverglen Ch Wellknowe Crofter
Charncroft Casique
Copper Surprise
Charncroft Crispian
Charncroft Chantress
Beam of Light
from the little Minx
Nobility Ike for Insider Ch. Seagull Sweeps t
he Board
Ch. Ducky Delila
 the Nobility
Granny Gipsy the Nobility CH Beach -Boy
the Nobility
CH Cirby German
Star of Pribardom
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