Ch. Papaws Yankee Doodle
Ch Brigadoon`s Wizard of Oz
Ch Auldscotia Watch Out Ch Wigglesworth Jokers Wild
Ch Auldscotia Forever Young
Ch Brigadoons Party Doll Ch. Windfiddler`s Still Cruisin
Ch Brigadoon`s Trudy Tuesday
Ch Daybar Shaken not Stirred
Ch Sheilings Nonesuch Spirit Ch. Windfiddler`s Still Cruisin
Ch Sheiling`s D`Arque Sugar
Ch Brigadoon`s Gotta Have it Brigadoon Ch Brigadoon`s Extra Special
Ch Brigadoon`s Hot to Molly
Ch. Bonny and Clyde`sKausing Kommotion
Babbacombe Chequers 
Ch Chriscaro Charlock at Merrythorpe Potterdale Maestro at Mybeards
Ch Chriscaro Chianti 
Gildenmede GoodnightGirl Moonhill Knight of the Stars
Ch Gildenmede Ghiselle
Ch. Bonny and Clyde`s Diadem Durcy
M-CH Charncroft Caleb Charncroft Cloverglen
Charncroft Copper Surprise
Beam of Light from the little Minx Dt. Jch.Nobility Ike for Insider
Granny Gipsy the Nobility
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