Ch. Papaws Yankee Doodle
Ch Brigadoon`s Wizard of Oz
Ch Auldscotia Watch Out Ch Wigglesworth Jokers Wild
Ch Auldscotia Forever Young
Ch Brigadoons Party Doll Ch. Windfiddler`s Still Cruisin
Ch Brigadoon`s Trudy Tuesday
Ch Daybar Shaken not Stirred
Ch Sheilings Nonesuch Spirit Ch. Windfiddler`s Still Cruisin
Ch Sheiling`s D`Arque Sugar
Ch Brigadoon`s Gotta Have it Brigadoon Ch Brigadoon`s Extra Special
Ch Brigadoon`s Hot to Molly
Ch.Potterdale Copper  Cloud Ch. Potterdale Prodigy
Ch Ramsgrove Rumba Ch. Diotima Sea Wolf At Ramsgrove
Ch Firstprizbears Very Brown
Ch. Potterdale Propaganda Ch. Potterdale Prohet
Potterdale Persona
Potterdale Claudberry
Ch.Merrythorpe Mullberry Ch. Camberwick Song of Solomon
Talraz Tangleberry at Merrythorpe
Potterdale Phoebe Ch. Potterdale Prophet
Ch. Potterdale Platinum
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