Ch. Philabeg Kosmopolitan for Bonny and Clyde«s

Ch.Bonny and Clyde«s Armani Mania

Ch. Papaws Yankee Doodle

Ch Brigadoon`s Wizard of Oz


Ch Daybar Shaken not Stirred


Ch. Bonny and Clyde«s Kausing Kommotion

Babbacombe Chequers


Ch. Bonny and Clyde`s Diadem Durcy


Ch. Philabeg Fawn Penny«s Fairy Tale

Ch. No-Nonsense«s Xiebert

Ch. River Belle«s Sebastian


No- Nonsense«s Shamrock


Ch. Philabeg Bluebell

Ch Light Des Monts de Gatine


Ch Miss Cuddle


Ch.Potterdale Copper Cloud

Ch.Potterdale Prodigy

Ch Ramsgrove Rumba

Ch Gillaber Drummond


Ch Natterjacks Just Perfect For Diotima


Ch Firstprizebears Very Brown

Ch Firstprzebears Emerson


Ch Firstprizebears Hillary Clinton


 Potterdale Cloudberry

Ch. Merrythorpe Mulberry

Ch Camberwick Song Of Solomon


Talraz Tangleberry At Merrythorpe


Potterdale Phoebe

Ch. Potterdale Prophet


 Ch. Potterdale Phoebe



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