Bonny and Clyde«s Gucci By Gucci
Ch. Memorylane Absolut Looxx, HD:B Diotima Sea Scout Ch. Gillaber Drummond Ch. Gillaber Tillycorthie
Ch. Gillaber Cairnacay, HD:7-5
Ch. Natterjacks Just Perfect for DiotimaHD-4--4 Ch Potterdale Just William, HD:6--3
Ch Diotima Blue Kisses To Natterjacks, HD:3:3
Ch. Memorylane Oneder Woman, HD:B-C Ch. Offenbach de ChesterHD-B Ch. Eole De Gouth Noire
Ch. Inch Allah De Chester
Ch. Memorylane I«ve got RhythmHD-B Ch. Potterdale Exellence
Ch. Potterdale Celebrity, HD:C
Ch. Bonny and Clyde«s Jadore, HD:A Papaws Yankee Doodle , HD:A Ch Brigadoon`s Wizard of OzHD-Ex Ch Auldscotia Watch Out, HD:good
Ch Brigadoons Party Doll
Ch Daybar Shaken not StirredHD-Ex Ch Sheilings Nonesuch Spirit
Ch Brigadoon`s Gotta Have it Brigadoon
Ch. Bonny and Clyde«s Kausing Kommotion Babbacombe ChequersHD-B Ch Chriscaro Charlock at Merrythorpe, HD:2 :3
Gildenmede Goodnight Girl, HD:6--3
Jgd.Ch. Bonny and Clyde`s Diadem DurcyNr.: 11607 HD-A M-CH Charncroft CalebNr. NHSB1700102, HD:B
Jgd.Ch. Beam of Light from the little MinxNr. 9678, HD:A
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